Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New podcast is online with iTunes

As I recently discussed, the folks at Ourmedia decided to mess with the web layout. Unfortunately by messing with the layout, they also took out the audio links from the RSS feed which iTunes uses.

The end result? "David 2's Media" disappeared from iTunes.

Well the archive is back, and it's back on iTunes again, only this time I have GREATER control over the look and feel, and that is reflected in the iTunes layout.

SO... if you need your Brutally Honest fix, please go fire up the iTunes browser and do a search for...

"Brutally Honest on ShockNet Radio"

(Or just click on the link and it'll fire up the iTunes player automatically and take you there.)

Then click the SUBSCRIBE button and you will once again have access to all of the previous shows.

There is a catch, though... because the setup for this took so long to do, I could only get in the material since the start of the new season in January. But I still have the original archive and you can catch up to all of the previous shows I've done in 2008.

So it's back, and I hope those that have been subscribing to the podcasts continue to do so with the new link.

Oh, and be sure to sound off to let me know what you think of the shows!

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