Saturday, April 11, 2009

Blog Against Theocracy 2009

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I'll start off with a great video clip from President Obama saying what should have been said a long time ago...

It was the Treaty of Tripoli that officially established that America was never intended to be a Christian Nation. And it was a treaty that was originally ratified by the Senate without objection. Unfortunately not long after that, religious extremists forced the Senate to reconsider that ratification and adopted a new treaty which removed that simple declaration.

It's a message that gets lost in a sea of evangelical self-righteousness spewing from ministers and moralists and parents groups one and all, seeking to validate their beliefs through government. They search for that ultimate endorsement, the great big rubber stamp that says that their beliefs are THE beliefs. It's the dysfunctional quest that has plagued mankind for countless centuries.

Turn on Showtime and watch "The Tudors" if you don't believe me! The Reformation under King Henry VIII was more than just about a pissing contest between a king and a pope! It was a power struggle for supremacy over the masses. The unmentioned and unforgivable sins of those days, committed by layman and clergy alike, are still being visited in the here and now. They're renewed by every self-righteous minister that waves the false flag of a "Christian America", and by every pompous jackass that looked at that clip of President Obama and screamed obscenities because it DARED to defy their personal dogma. They ARE no different than the pompous asses of Henry VIII and his myrmidons.

The Reformation is just one of many reasons WHY America NEEDS to keep church and state separate, because TRUE religious freedom cannot happen as long as one faith or general belief is favored by government.

And the truly devout, the ones that are confident in their faith and truly believe they are on the right path, do not need outside endorsements to validate their beliefs. It's only the dysfunctional that cling to that need for absolute validation.


Carrie said...

That's very true. Not to mention that a lot of the ideas of freedom, democrasy and liberty did not come from the bible like the right-wingers and moralists like to claim, but from the Neo-Classical Movement (which got ideas from a very romanticised idea of anicent Greek\Rome) and British philosophers like Thomas Locke. Our founding fathers (especally Jefferson, Washington, and Franklin) were big fans of the movement and you can see it in Jefferson's arcitecture like the Rotunda, Montecello, and the White House. So is the concept of democracy (ancient rome) and their precious "family values" was concieved by the ancient pagan Etruscans, ancestors to the Romans. (Just look at some of their art and burial statues to see what I mean.)

Some people will say that since Christians settled here, it means that were a "Christian Nation", but our ideals for the country are not.

metalhead39 said...

Great post! Lots of blog posts to sift through at the BAT main site and I really appreciated how you kept it concise and conveyed your feelings.

Will do my best to catch your broadcast next Sat.