Saturday, April 04, 2009

Brutally Honest on ShockNet - 04/04/09 Show Notes

I have a couple of announcements to kick of tonight's program. The first involves a schedule change, and the second involves a certain project that I've been busy working on. What is it? You'll just have to tune in to hear it.

Then it's on to a question that I'm sure some of the listeners have been wondering about. Why am I knocking on a certain group in society? Which group am I talking about? If you've been listening in for a while you'd know, but if not, I'll explain why in detail.

Then it's the latest in "Dangerous Words". And this one comes by request. Who and what will be explained in detail. And the history of this particular political buzzword will surprise you!

All of that is TONIGHT (04/04) here on ShockNet Radio at 7pm Eastern Time (6pm Norman time and 4pm Hefner Time) over at and also at Apple's iTunes Radio Player under either "Classic Rock" or "Talk/Spoken Word" categories.

Brutally Honest: The New Heresy Begins Here!

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