Saturday, May 10, 2008

Limbaugh's "Chaos" sequel - Operation F-N NUTS!

How could I have ever consider him to be credible? Seriously! Maybe it's the meds that made him loopy. Or maybe he was always loopy and it's just getting to the point where it's become noticeable?

Rush Limbaugh supposedly had a fool-proof plan called "Operation Chaos". It would supposedly get Republicans to vote for Hillary Clinton in the primaries and caucuses. The ORIGINAL reasoning was that Limbaugh DID NOT want to back John McCain... same reason why Ann Coulter said she would rather support and vote for "She of the pantsuit banshees".

But then somehow that got morphed into "let's support Hillary because McCain can beat her in November". Wait... I thought you said that you DIDN'T want McCain to win, Rush. Did Karl Rove or Dick Cheney call you up and shout sweet nothings into your deaf ears?

Well now "Operation Chaos" is turning a new corner now that Obamamania is still running wild and Hillary's chances are getting more strained than her voice. Now Limbaugh is saying that "Operation Chaos" is actually doing what it was meant to do, which was to create dissension within the Democrats. Now Limbaugh says that "Operation Chaos" needs to start backing Obamamania, because it would drive the Democrats over to McCain in droves.

You know, guys, I USED to listen to Limbaugh... I still have his books somewhere in storage. But somewhere between then and now, this guy has lost it. Maybe it's the pills. Maybe it's him going deaf. Maybe it's the seven years of neo-con reign that has driven him mad. All I know is this asinine logic of "I was for McCain before I was against him" is showing that he's really not all out there.

Well, I'll tell you what... I've got a new plan. It's called Operation F'N NUTS! To all of you Dittoheads who originally didn't want John McCain to get the nomination, go ahead and cross-vote in the remaining primaries and caucuses for the Dems, but instead of voting for either Hillary or Obamamania, vote for MIKE GRAVEL! Yes, he's still on the ballots, even though he switched to the Libertarian Party a little while ago. VOTE FOR GRAVEL! Because voting for Gravel will show just how strong you cross-party players are, PLUS it will cause an even GREATER upheaval with the Democrats because now they have to start factoring in those Gravel supporters, which will further drive a wedge between the other special interest groups.

AND THEN Rush will take credit for all of this and then we will all know that he's F'N NUTS!

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