Saturday, May 10, 2008

Really quick thoughts about...

Jenna Bush is getting married this weekend. (Actually by the time of this post she probably will already be married.) And I say congrats. Seriously. I may have issues with her daddy being a Doofus, but that doesn't mean I wish ill of the family.

And her getting married will hopefully put to end all of the jokes that were being circulated about her and her twin sister being wild and reckless. They've both been very low-key of late and that's good for them, although it means that the media has been spending more time focusing on Junior's failings.

The other good news was that they decided to get married at home, on the family ranch in Crawford, AWAY from the media! In fact I APPLAUD them for doing it! THANK YOU! Thank you because that means that I as a taxpayer won't have to FUND your wedding! Of course my tax money IS going to pay for the military imposing the security blackout for the whole area... and for the Secret Service watching over the dignitaries... and for Air Force One. But the rest is all Junior's to fund!

So congrats Jenna... not only for getting married, but also for making sure the ceremony isn't a media circus. Now we can go back to bickering about who will be cleaning up your daddy's messes... or if they will ever be cleaned up after January.

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