Friday, May 30, 2008

Brutally Honest on ShockNet - 05/31/08 Show Notes

The other week Hillary Rodham-Clinton invoked a tragic memory and used that as the justification for her continued participation in the primary and caucus race. While she and her legions of myrmidons thought nothing of it, it certainly had an effect on others, ranging from simply being in poor taste, to being an outright threat on Barack Obama's life.

But WHY was this "unthinkable" situation so terrifying? Clearly Hillary doesn't see the threat, and that is to her detriment, because what would follow would be pretty much a nightmare situation not only for the Democrats, but also for HER specifically.

Well this week, I'll take you DOWN that "unthinkable" path and show you what would happen should that "unthinkable" tragedy happen. Believe me, if you're a Hillary supporter, this will make you think twice about being so flippant with your words!

PLUS... it's the end of the month. It's TIME to find out how the jury voted in the first "Court of Public Opinion" in the matter of the People versus the FCC! Former prosecutor Myron Weasels will be joining me as the verdict is read on the air. George W. Bush picks up a new title. Darth Rove defies the law... AGAIN. A Navy veteran gets sued for his flagpole. A barber gets fined for being open for business. One politician gets on the presidential ballot and another goes home. Texas government wonks get a HUGE kick in the gonads. And some investor thinks that it is all YOUR fault that everything costs too damned much! Where does he get off saying that and why is he all hat and no cattle? You'll just have to find out!

All of that is THIS SATURDAY from 7-8pm Eastern time on ShockNet Radio, and simulcast on Freethought Radio and Apple's iTunes radio player under both the "Talk/Spoken Word" and "Classic Rock" categories. Oh, and you can also hear the past shows via iTunes by searching for "David 2's Media" and subscribing to the podcasts. The podcasts are free, although they are posted a week behind the most recent show (sorry, but I STILL want you to hear it on ShockNet first).

Brutally Honest... The new heresy begins here!

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