Sunday, March 16, 2008

Jesse The Governor to the Rescue!

I'll let him say it...

WELCOME back to the game, Governor! Where have you been all this time?

By the way, I've got to get my own shot in on this...

Donnie, why do you say that fighting terrorism is a "new kind of war" when this has been going on for quite some time? Do you REALLY think that the Boston Tea Party was some kind of Harvard social event? We were having to deal with terrorism as a form of warfare back in the Vietnam War, a fact that Governor Ventura himself can attest to since he was THERE! The only thing that is different about this war than the others is that there is no set nation to target. We can't turn to one single country and say "BLAME THEM" for it.

And if you really think about it, the battles we fought in the past of late were pretty much PROXY battles. Korea and Vietnam were both proxy battles for China and the old Soviet Union. Our standoffs in Berlin? Soviet Union. Cuban Missile Crisis? Soviet Union. Grenada? Cuba, which was also the proxy for the Soviet Union. Even the Gulf War was a proxy war to the extent that we limited our goals to liberating Kuwait when the real problem of the time was Iraq.

That probably explains why we found it easier to pick a fight with Iraq than to find Osama. Once we got the Taliban out of power in Afghanistan, it stopped being a geographical enemy.

Oh, wait a minute... there I go again, getting people to THINK! You'd think that I would have made that into a commercial for some Internet radio station. Oh... yeah... I DID!

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