Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Important ShockNet News

RJ Evans has issued some important news about his program on ShockNet Radio. I just wanted to let you know that his announcement really has no impact on my own show, "Brutally Honest on ShockNet", which will STILL be on the air in its usual time of Saturdays at 7pm Eastern.

In fact, by the time American Heathen® goes on hiatus, I should have everything ready to make the leap to the full-hour time-frame and that should happen at the start of May.

And now, here's RJ...

American Heathen® to be re-tooled

The American Heathen® show will take a production hiatus until August after the "Whippin’ It Out Below The Bible Belt" special on April 25th.

According to RJ Evans, the host of the show, "I’ve done a lot of talking wth my producer, Carl Wood, and we have decided to give the show a complete makeover. The show is going to be slicker, more regimented, topical, and an hour shorter."

Asked if the show would still embody the message of freedom, RJ said, "Yes, but it won’t be as crazy and as difficult to follow as it has been in the past. We’re going to tame it down a little and give it a little more substance. We’re also going to make an effort to attract the progressive believer. It’s still about the Constitution and the First Amendment, but we want to get more people interested in listening in. There’s too much division out there and this has limited our audience considerably. Many atheists have issues with the First Amendment. They want to see religion crushed. This kind of mentality is an attempt to usurp the First Amendment. I want to dispel the notion that all atheists share this narrow minded and bigoted view. The new show is going to address this on many different levels, as well as the warped fundamentalist religious views.

"But, we aren't going to abandon fun!"

American Heathen® listenership has dwindled over the past 8 months, and as a result, the production team is determined to make changes, returning in August with a better show. RJ will be joined by his co-host Carl Wood, aka Dr. Teddy in the current show format. Carl is a progressive believer and will be bringing his perspective to the new show. Predictably though, both RJ and Carl are staunch defenders of the Constitution and are not afraid to take on any fundamentalist ideology that threatens freedom.

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