Sunday, January 06, 2008

NEW column location

Just FYI, one of the changes I'll be making starting next week will be moving the Brutally Honest column to a whole new location!

I was originally debating about moving just my archives over to another server, because the big problem I've been having to deal with has been available size. My columns are relatively small in size as opposed to, say, pictures (like my new pictures done by Cynthia Kaye for ShockNet Radio). But I've been writing columns for ELEVEN YEARS now, going into year TWELVE this April 1st, and over the long haul, that amounts to about 10MB in size! Unfortunately just about every ISP I work with, be it AOL, Mindspring, or BellSouth/AT&T, will only give me 10mb to work with without having to shell out some serious cash for additional server space. I can shuffle them to various servers, but I will eventually encounter the same problem over and over and over again, plus remember which account has what part of the archive and where it is located.

So instead of shuffling everything around, I'm going to keep them all on ONE server that I know can handle that many posts.

So here it is guys... the new location for the Brutally Honest weekly column:

I've got a simple post up there right now with a date of 4/1/96... which seems a bit odd, but I did that so I can make sure that I can put up the original posts from 1996 on up and keep them all in chronological order.

So stay tuned... next week that site WILL get a whole lot larger!

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