Friday, January 18, 2008

Brutally Honest on ShockNet - 01/19/08 Show notes

Welcome to the first show notes for Brutally Honest on ShockNet Radio. This Saturday will be the DEBUT of Brutally Honest on ShockNet Radio, and as I'm typing the notes now, the first show is already in the can and being sent over to ShockNet Radio.

Because this week's show is the debut, I'm going to be spending the first half of it talking about what this program is really going to be all about. I'll discuss what to expect, and what "Brutally Honest" is all about. Those of you who are longtime listeners from the Talk Liberty days already know what being "Brutally Honest" means, but for those of you who are new, this is your opportunity to find out.

The second half of the show will be about a little test I have for those who consider themselves to be "strict constitutionalists", because you've probably heard that buzzword bantered about for some time by conservatives, and I have a really easy way to prove that they practice what they preach. And that's important for this year more than any other year because some of the folks who want to be your next president want to use those buzzwords to describe themselves, and you really need to figure out if they're for real or if they're just throwing the words out there like bait.

There were some more topical discussions that I really wanted to get into, but I think you'll understand once you hear it why I wanted to use this issue to kick off my new show, and, believe me, between this and the online column I'll have plenty of opportunity to get to the topical stuff.

Anyway, don't forget, Saturday Nights, 7pm Eastern time over at - tune in, and then leave your thoughts in the comments section of the show notes. I look forward to hearing your reactions, comments, and suggestions.

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