Saturday, September 30, 2006

Hypocritical moralist gets caught with his pants down! Spin at 11!

Say good-bye to the career of Republican Congressman Mark Foley of Repressive Florida!

Turns out the sex-hating legislator got caught with raunchy emails and instant messages to an unnamed teenaged boy who used to be a congressional page. So he’s gone. He up and resigned from office.

Boy that brings back some embarrassing memories, huh? You know, the whole House page scandal of the 1980’s… only this time it’s a REPUBLICAN that got caught with his pants down!

Now here’s the catch: Congressman Foley was in charge of the Missing and Exploited Children's Caucus… a very influential caucus in these repressive times… and he was the sponsor of legislation that would supposedly prevent THE VERY BEHAVIOR THAT HE’S ACCUSED OF!

Say it with me loud and proud, ladies and gentlemen of the world…


Now, here’s the next shoe falling… not only did this happen during the so-called "MORAL and RIGHTEOUS" watch of the Conservative BY-GAWD Republican Party… but congressional leaders knew… they KNEWTHEY GODDAMNED FRIGGING KNEW… that this was going on! But they didn’t bother to ACT on it at all!

Gotta love those family values!

In fact Foley was considered to be a shoe-in for re-election until he announced his resignation. Isn’t that nice? I’m sure the voters in that part of Repressive Florida are kicking themselves over THAT news.

This is the party in charge, folks! These are hypocrites and extremists that are writing all the repressive anti-American laws, spending our tax money like there’s no tomorrow, and declaring themselves to be the "MORAL" guardians of your children! And they think that they can COWER you into voting for them in November.

These guys SO need to get removed from office.

But don’t worry folks, if you’re new to the game here’s how it will probably play out…

The departing congressman will declare that he has "a problem" and that he needs "help". He will check himself into a treatment center for whatever "addiction" he declares he has. (Alcohol is, of course, the preferred scapegoat.) Then he’ll come out clutching a bible in his hand and declare himself not only "cured" but also "born again". That usually goes well with the moralists in Repressive Florida. They like to think that this sort of "problem" can be cured by addiction therapy and a heavy dosage of religion. Will he be back in office? Probably not, but he’ll certainly be back as a paid lobbyist! After all, he’s got the connections.

And you thought that the Catholic Church was an embarrassment.

But in the meantime, enjoy the spin… because YOU KNOW that the GOP will have to come up with some serious ass-kissing to get out of this mess.

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