Friday, April 21, 2006

More White House Shuffling

Well I guess the White House shuffle continues as the Bush Imperium looks to regain its losing poll numbers. You know… poll numbers that they supposedly don’t pay attention to.

The retired generals want Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to go, but Bush doesn’t want Rummy to leave. Of course, the retired generals that want him to go are the ones who were THERE in Iraq. Rummy may be a good scapegoat for the things that went wrong in Iraq, but he’s also the closest thing the Imperium has to an expert in the inner circle now that he’s gotten rid of Secretary of State Colin Powell. I don’t see him leaving anytime soon, unless he does something phenomenally dense or something happens that just REALLY shows his incompetence. You know, a Hurricane Katrina-type FUBAR.

By the way, I don’t buy this idea of people who "offer to resign" in the White House but still continue to work there. That’s just not realistic. If you or I did that, that "offer" would follow with an immediate approval.

I previously mentioned that the wrong person was being let go in the White House when Chief of Staff Andrew Card announced his departure. It SHOULD have been Darth Rove, because it would have defused the whole Valerie Plame controversy. Well apparently someone in the Imperium took notice about that because they "reassigned" Rove’s duties so he wouldn’t deal with "policy oversight". Yeah that’s going to fix things! Rove still gets to skulk about the White House in his true role as the modern-day version of Prince Machiavelli.

Okay, so they needed someone else to go… so Imperium apologist Scott McClellan took one for the team.

I’m sure McClellan will be glad to get out of the spotlight for a while. You have to feel sorry for someone who basically had to put a positive spin over the crap going on in the White House. I’m sure the two words that he’ll be glad to never utter again are "ongoing investigation". As in…

"I can’t answer that because there’s an ongoing investigation."

"But I just asked you what time it was! Don’t you have a watch?"

"I can’t answer that… there’s an ongoing investigation."

"You mean you can’t even tell me what time it is?"

"I didn’t say that. I said that there’s an ongoing investigation."

NOW… if you think THAT was a little surreal, then look at who’s on the short list for McClellan’s job: Tony Snow of Fox News!

No big stretch is it? I mean Fox News has spent the past eight years serving as the ass-kissers for the Imperium, just like CNN was for the Clinton Regime. Rove would spin it, and the air-fluffed members of Fox News would sing arias about it. Well at least in THAT context they’re "fair and balanced"!

Somehow I don’t see Snow doing the job. He’s a Ken-doll with a baritone voice. Those two things usually don’t find themselves in the role of White House Press Secretary. He might actually get more popular than Bush Junior, and then that’ll REALLY hurt the poll numbers! You know... the ones that they supposedly don't care about.

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