Saturday, April 01, 2006

Brutally Honest is 10 today!

Today officially marks the TENTH YEAR that I've been doing online commentary.

Ten years! Can you imagine it?

Well I'm going to talk more about it in my weekly column, but I hope everyone gets a chance to head on over to the ORIGINAL website and see some of the original material... and then compare that to today's Brutally Honest website.

Here's a little trivia: the main page for my original website was actually programmed the hard way! I didn't have any web designing or HTML-editing software at my disposal at the time. I had to actually write the webpage with Notepad and then view the finished product in Netscape. There was no WYSIWYG editing at the time! It was write the code, save the page, and then preview it in the browser and hope that you didn't crash it. That's why a lot of the pages on the original website seem very simplistic.

And remember that ten years ago EVERYTHING crawled online. There were three speeds... Very expensive T1 for serious networks, expensive ISDN for people who could afford to have it wired in, and dial-up at 14.4kbaud for the rest of us. You had to be in college to get the kind of high-speed access that we take for granted today, and now you can have that kind of access without even being WIRED to your computer!

So what were you doing ten years ago? Were you wired to the Internet back then? What were your views on computers? Did you even HAVE a computer back then? Have your views on politics changed since then?

Please take this opportunity to voice your views in the comments section. This is a great time for us to think back about the stuff that went on ten years ago and compare them to the things going on right now. (And if you want to say congrats or happy anniversary for the website, I won't mind. Hey, how many people can say their website has been up this long?)

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