Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Bye-Bye DeLay!

GOOD news, boys and girls… the walking, talking, abuse of power called Tom “The Hammer” DeLay has called it quits! He’s leaving the House of Representatives rather than trying to score yet another re-election while at the same time fighting off criminal indictments.

DeLay’s departure can’t come soon enough for this Brutally Honest commentator, but much like the rest of this breed of slime, DeLay gets to leave on his own terms… which means he still gets to keep his cushy Congressional pension. He’s not even staying in Texas after he leaves the Congress! He’s moving to Virginia! You know that doesn’t bode well for the people in Texas to know that DeLay won’t even stick around in his “home state” afterwards.

Tom DeLay’s career will probably be best known for threatening the judiciary over the Terri Schiavo fiasco. This is the guy who threatened the careers of the judges who fail to rubber-stamp the laws he helped to impose on us. But it wasn’t the only thing he did. He also helped in the gerrymandering of the Texas legislature to solidify THEIR Republican majority so it would give HIM more Republicans in Congress, and thus solidify HIS Republican majority. And when the Democrats in Texas left to prevent a quorum, it was DeLay that THREATED to bring in the federal government to hunt these people down and drag them into the statehouse BY FORCE so his grand scheme would work.

By the way, it's probably no big surprise that he's moving to Virginia... after all, it's closer to the God Squad lobbying groups, and he's probably already signed on to be a lobbyist for the God Squad after the little "waiting period" is over. In the meantime, of course he'll probably be raking in the dough doing speaking engagements, falsely complaining over and over about how Christians are being "persecuted" because they're not being allowed to exercise their power as the 800-pound gorilla in America. And he could even throw in a line that his "ouster" from the Congress was BECAUSE of his faith instead of the mounting ethics charges and indictments for corruption. Hey, if it worked for the Alabama Ayatollah Roy Moore, then it'll work for ANYONE!

Of course the good news for the GOP is that DeLay’s departure cleans up a stink that could have cost them their majority hold in Congress this November. In addition to his current indictment, DeLay was also attached to the Jack Abramoff scandal, and no doubt more indictments are in the wings over that situation. DeLay’s departure defuses that political embarrassment as well. That’s another piece of ammo removed from the Democrats. You know at this rate they won't have any good reasons for voters to pick them in November other than saying they haven't been indicted yet.

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