Saturday, February 11, 2006

Some weekend thoughts

Just some quick thoughts for the weekend.

  • So the new excuse from Scooter Libby is that he was "authorized" to leak the name of a CIA operative. Okay, it still doesn’t excuse the fact that in doing so he BROKE THE LAW! Oh, that’s right, I forgot, these are the people who think that THEY ARE THE LAW. And haven’t we heard this excuse before? Remember the Nuremberg Trials? All of those Nazi officers who committed genocide simply because they were "following orders"? How about the trial going on now with former Serbian leader Slobodon Milosevic? What was it that his officers told the jury? Something about them "following orders"? Too graphic? Not a good comparison, you say? How about what happened to Ollie North? How about what happened to G. Gordon Liddy? Here’s a little hint to all of you GOP ass-kissers: just because you’re AUTHORIZED to break the law, it doesn’t ABSOLVE you of it. Scotter is still going down as the designated fall guy for the rest of the White House inner circle.

  • Former FEEBLE-FEMA director Michael Brown is haggling about his scapegoat status, trying to blame the Hurricane Katrina-related flooding of New Orleans on Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, who STILL bears a strong resemblance to Grand Moff Tarkin from "Star Wars". Sorry "Brownie", but I don’t buy it, and neither did members of Congress. If anything you actually HURT your own case, because you admitted doing an end-run around Chertoff. It’s one thing to be bogged down by red tape. Then you could have rightly said, "hey, I tried, but Chertoff was slacking". Instead, you admitted going around him and expecting the White House to understand something that they couldn’t because they were relying on Chertoff to back you up! Nice going dufus! "What more do you want me to say," you ask? How about "*I* screwed up, *I* didn’t do my job, *I* was inept in this matter," and my personal favorite, "*I* should never be asked to work in a government job that I’m not qualified to be in EVER AGAIN!" You’re the designated scapegoat in this matter "Brownie", and it’s high time that you accepted your new job and take it with pride. Let’s put this in the context that YOU – as a former horse-show organizer – can understand: somebody has to clean up the horse poop, and YOU’RE the one holding the shovel!

  • Coretta Scott King’s funeral… I don’t fault her determination or her strength, but there is a part of me that still thinks that a lot of the whole memorial service was just a tad too much. Then again, she was getting the kind of service that her husband never got after his murder, so I think there’s a lot of prolonged guilt behind it. As for the GOP’s bitching and crying about the slams by former President Jimmy Carter and Reverend Joseph Lowery, I think the conservatives doth complain too much. It’s right to point out the flaws of today to show that there’s a huge way to go. Maybe the slam on Iraq and WMD’s were a bit over the top, but New Orleans was STILL on the mark.

  • Speaking of "doth protesting too much"… the conservatives and neo-conservatives have nothing in the world to crow about concerning the news that Democrats are also involved in the Jack Abramoff influence scandal. It DOES NOT detract from the fact that the so-called "party of ethics and decency and morality and of everything RIGHT in this world" is corrupt to the core! Get that damned plank out of your eye before you complain about the splinter in your neighbor’s eye! You would think that a party that is enslaved to the Religious Wrong would remember THAT saying.

  • We can now add Volkswagen to the list of companies expected to lay people off in the next few years. Kiss 20,000 more jobs goodbye. General Motors got bitch-slapped by the financial world when they were told their stocks were worthless. Plus the airline pilots for bankrupt Delta are threatening to go on strike if management enacts the kinds of cuts they say they need to get out of bankruptcy. If the pilots strike, Delta will be dead. Atlanta will become the new Flint, Michigan when that happens. Incomes are stagnating, people aren’t buying the big items anymore, debt is killing people… do you still want to lie to yourself and to the rest of the world about how great the economy is doing?

  • So Attorney General Alberto "Torquamada" Gonzalez is "answering" questions in the Senate about the Bush Imperium’s wiretapping program, huh? I say "answering" because he isn’t really giving answers…he’s stonewalling. Of course the air-fluffed media isn’t reporting any of the stonewalling or the frustration by members of the Senate about the stonewalling. No, that would paint the Bush Imperium in a bad light, and then they may get blacklisted from any more White House "exclusives". By the way, why WASN’T Gonzalez required to take the oath? The minute the Senators smelled the whitewash they should have called for Gonzalez to swear under fear of perjury that he’s telling the truth! Some GOP senators have some serious explaining to do about that.

  • By the way, a few people caught on that the Bush Imperium made that grandiose announcement about a foiled 2002 terrorist plot just prior to the announcement of a Senate deal to renew the Anti-American PATRIOT Act. Of course nobody mentions just HOW this plot was foiled BECAUSE of the PATRIOT Act or BECAUSE of violating the FISA court… just that it was foiled. Can you smell a Rove Rat? I certainly do!

  • Finally, on a personal note: I signed my weblogs up a service called Technorati, and I found it interesting to see the number of people staring to use my own created sayings. Now there are other people referring to the president as "Bush Junior", and of the Bush Junior White House as the "Bush Imperium". I suppose I should be flattered… after all, these ARE my creations! Pity I can’t charge any money off them… either I’d make a pretty penny off their use or nobody would use them anymore. I’ll just smile when other folks use them. Just remember, though, they ARE my creation!
So what do you think guys? Go ahead and sound off!

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