Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Junior’s Veto Threat: I DARE YOU!

I’m watching the latest big scandal to hit the Bush Imperium, and this one is a doozy. It seems that the Imperium has rubber-stamped a deal that would turn control of our country’s ports over to a company run by the United Arab Emirates! This isn’t just a private company… this is a GOVERNMENT-RUN operation.

In other words, control over America’s ports will be DIRECTLY in the hands of a FOREIGN POWER!

Hey, I thought we were in a post-9/11 world! Remember all of that BS about “it’s a different world” from the White House? Remember all of that crap about “we are at war”? So why are we turning control of our ports – one of the most vulnerable areas of access – to a company that is run by a foreign government?

Right now those ports are being managed by a British-based company. Not a company run by the British government, mind you, but a PRIVATE company run from Great Britain. That’s a much different situation, and I’m not happy with that news either.

But what’s bothering even some conservatives is that the Bush Imperium is going to bat FOR this deal, and Bush Junior himself has VOWED to issue his dreaded VETO on any attempt by the Congress to stop this deal from happening.

OH MY! The dreaded VETO!

I suppose it would have a little more weight behind it if not for the fact that in the five years that the Bush Imperium has been in charge, the president has NEVER EVER VETOED ONE SINGLE BILL!

Every bill that has been put before the president has been SIGNED. Every bill. No matter what it is, even if it’s something that the White House opposed, Bush Junior has SIGNED. I would even dare speculate that Bush Junior doesn’t even know how to SPELL V-E-T-O, never mind know what it is or how it works!

Now conservative-libertarians like Neal Boortz are perplexed about how the White House could not predict the kind of outrage that this deal is causing. Well the answer to that is simple: the president doesn’t know because his people aren’t telling him! The President of the United States is living in a bubble of his own ignorance. Remember the outrage over his failed crony nomination of Harriet Miers? Remember “Brownie you’re doing a heckuvajob”?

And now we’re hearing that the President of the United States, the man for whom the buck is supposed to stop at, had absolutely NO IDEA that this deal was happening until AFTER it was already done and AFTER the Imperium had already signed off on it. Oh now THAT’S reassuring! Someone in the Imperium really needs to get fired over this.

So Mister President, if you want to get your Jesus Underoos all in a bunch because liberals, conservatives, Democrats, AND Republicans are trying to either stop or slow down this deal, and you want to threaten to use that power of veto, then I say BRING IT ON! I DARE YOU to veto any legislation designed to put a stop to this deal! I DOUBLE-DOG DARE YOU to do it! Go ahead! Prove to the rest of the free world that you’re just a tool for the people who are REALLY pulling the strings on this caper. You already pissed away any “political capital” you may have had during the whole mess with Hurricane Katrina and with the failed Miers nomination. You’re not going to get that back by pulling this little stunt. And forget about trying to generate any more 9/11 fear! You pissed that away too. You can’t talk about security and then give our ports away to the country that helped to bankroll the 9/11 terrorists!

This would almost be funny except for the fact that this joke is being played with OUR LIVES and with the security of the United States.

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