Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Bush Imperium tries to "Blame Canada"...

So now that the Bush Imperium has been hit with their FUBAR (read my column for the details on that) over Hurricane Katrina, they're going overboard trying to pin the blame on ANYONE except themselves. They want an "investigation" over who - besides Bush Junior and his people - dropped the ball.

Listen to the Imperium ass-kissers... they'll all use the same buzzword. "Blame game."

You want to point out the Imperium ass-kissers... listen to all of the people who use the words "Blame game" over Katrina.

Is it wrong to say that George W. Bush didn't show the leadership that was expected of him over this matter? Where was he when Katrina hit the shores of the Gulf Coast? He was in Arizona making a speech! He wasn't in Washington DC where he belonged! He knew that this storm was coming and he knew it was more powerful than any other storm in recent history, and instead of at least giving the APPEARANCE of leadership, he fled in the opposite direction.

Bush was an oil man once... supposedly... and he didn't know that Port Fourchon was the hub of oil imports? He didn't know how the markets would react to even the FEAR of damage to those facilities? A TRUE leader WOULD know these things and he WOULD have been in a position to quell those fears instead of doing nothing and letting those fears blow up into outright panic and hysteria.

And why DID Air Force One only make a FLY-BY of the devastation instead of making an appearance? A TRUE leader would have been down there as soon as possible, not when his polls tell him that he needs to be there.

And notice I haven't said ONE WORD about FEMA or about what local politicians did or did not do. These are all specific mistakes that THE PRESIDENT made.

That's not blame... that's calling the President out on his mistakes!

Remember the last verse of "Blame Canada"?

"Blame Canada... before someone decides to blame us!"

Well that's the Imperium right now, and that's all that their blue-ribbon, first-class, Grade-A investigation will be about. They're going to look for scapegoats to cover up their own mistakes. And guess what? A TRUE leader owns up to his own mistakes instead of looking for scapegoats.

Where does the buck stop, Mister President? Answer that and you'll know where the blame ultimately rests.

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