Saturday, September 10, 2005

Why not a Stupidity Czar?

For the past week I've been hearing this STUPID call from people in Washington wanting the Bush Imperium to appoint a so-called "Hurricane Czar" to oversee the recovery operations in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. No doubt they've seen the glaring ineptitude from governments large and small and they just want to shove everything onto one person to organize things.

The two names being bantered about for this "czar" job are Thug Giuliani, who was New York's mayor during 9/11, and former Secretary of State Colin Powell. Giuliani got canonized because he simply did his job as mayor. It doesn't sound like Powell wants the "czar" job, though, because he was very critical of the Imperium's efforts in this FUBAR, and you don't get rewarded in the Imperium by bashing it.

But I'm just wondering... what the hell is up with this STUPID appointment of a "czar" in the first place??? It's not going to make the disaster recovery move any faster than it is now. You're not REPLACING anyone with this kind of a move. All you're really doing is giving some government wonk a title and shoving him in front of the media to make speeches.

Listen to me now and believe me tomorrow, girlie men in Washington...


We just need people to do their goddamned jobs!

You ALREADY have a "czar" of sorts in Washington. His name is Michael Chertoff, and his title is "Secretary of Homeland Security". That may not sound as spashy as "Hurricane Czar", but his job as director of Homeland Security is supposed to oversee and organize all of the aspects of a federal disaster recovery efforts, including overseeing the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

If Chertoff can't oversee the recovery efforts of a storm that took DAYS to arrive, how the hell is his department supposed to oversee and prevent a man-made disaster (terrorism) that could strike at any moment?

Washington doesn't need a "Hurricane Czar". It needs a Stupidity Czar! It needs someone to walk over to the various other "czars" and smack them upside the head!

Besides, Washington has way too many czars to begin with.

  • First it has the "Scapegoat Czar"... Karl "Leak" Rove

  • It still has that so-called "Drug Czar"... whose name is as clueless as his effectiveness.

  • Let's not forget the various self-appointed "morality czars" in Washington... the people who make it their mission in life to "save" America from itself.

  • We also have the "decency czars" over in the Federalist Christian Censors who are busy santizing radio and television.

All of those czars, and Washington STILL can't do anything right!

Besides, remember when calling someone a "czar" was a BAD thing? When calling someone a "crime czar" meant that they were actually a CRIMINAL? Today if you call someone a "crime czar", they'll take it as a badge of honor! That's what screwed up in Washington!

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