Sunday, August 07, 2005

So now it's "Islamic Extremism"...

Well the Bush Imperium quantified yet another one of their points. We're not in a war against "terrorism"... we're in a war against "Islamic extremism".

There's a reason why the Imperium had to quantify it... and that was to justify them ignoring the OTHER extremists, including the ones in our own country!

You guys remember Eric Robert Rudolph, don't you? He's the TERRORIST who bombed the Atlanta games in 1996, as well as a few women's clinics and a nightclub. But you don't hear that word being uttered in the media, and you especially don't hear it being uttered by those from the Imperium. Do you know why? Because Rudolph is a CHRISTIAN TERRORIST! In fact what Rudolph supports to this day is the same kind of stuff that conservatives and neo-conservatives support. The only difference is that Rudolph crossed the line, repeatedly, and now he's paying for it.

This quantification is also to excuse the more extreme voices who have the ear of the Imperium. They can't really claim to be waging a war against "terrorism" when there were CHRISTIAN TERRORISTS like Rudolph running around. The can't claim to wage a war against "extremism" when they turn a blind eye to their own extremism. So now they have to quantify this as being "the War on Islamic Extremism".

Maybe they should have stuck to calling it "the war on bad-guys who don't think like us."

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