Sunday, August 07, 2005

Novak loses it!

Well you probably heard about it... Robert Novak, the conservative columnist who first outed CIA operative Valerie Plame, had a hissy fit last week in the middle of a live broadcast of CNN's "Inside Edition".

The strange thing is that the hissy fit had absolutely nothing to do with Plame, or the federal investigation on him breaking federal laws. It was about Katharine Harris, the former Florida official who got caught in the middle of the 2000 Presidential Fiasco. Seems she wants to run for US Senate and the GOP doesn't want her to rock the boat. So the discussion was about whether the GOP will sabotage Harris' senate campaign. Novak was being the usual GOP apologist, and he was getting the usual barbs from James Carville, Bubba Clinton's political guru.

Carville is basically a used car salesman on amphetamines... he's always running his mouth, and he shoots from the hip. That's why the media love to put him on the air. And for some strange reason, Carville made a comment about the Wall Street Journal's editorial board that pissed Novak off. Novak uttered one of the FCC's forbidden words and then stormed off the set in a huff while the host continued to blather on like nothing happened.

Now first, WHERE is L. Brent "freedom should be forbidden" Bozell and his freedom-hating crusaders over at the Parents Television Council??? Why aren't they leading the charge to have Novak banned from television? He just CURSED on the air! Granted it was bleeped, but that doesn't matter, right? HE CURSED! If it's good enough to persecute Howard Stern and South Park, then it's good enough to be used on a PRIME-TIME news broadcast!

Well CNN decided that maybe it was time for Novak to take a breather... and that's probably a good thing. But to be honest, they should have done that when the whole Plame investigation started and Novak sucked up to the prosecutor. He's in it up to his neck, and until the "Plame Game" (as I called it on a recent audio rant) is resolved, his credibility is questionable.

By the way, if anyone in CNN is reading this blog, I'd be happy to fill in for Novak while he gets his act together. I'm not a conservative, nor a Bush Imperium apologist, but I do some pretty good rants and give the people something to think about!

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Anonymous said...

Paul Begala predicts that President George W. Bush will pardon Karl Rove if he is indicted and convicted of deliberately blowing CIA operative Valerie Plame's' cover as an agent working on weapons of mass destruction (WMD) issues.

Its another cover up already. I got this from another blog. Plame is not running Wilson or an operations officer (OOPs)at CIA, now her WMD training required by all OOs at CIA was a cover. This is ridiculous, the real target of her campaign was Rice-Dr. WMD herself, who taught George what WMD was at the mansion and started the Iraq war.

Rice had a good day today and its funny that coever ups fall apart on blogs.....