Wednesday, June 15, 2005

What? No "Oops" over Terri Schiavo?

The autopsy report came out today over the severely brain-damaged Terri Schiavo... and the doctors concluded that there were NO signs of physical abuse as claimed by the conservatives and neo-conservatives. NONE!

Remember that? Remember how the conservatives were screaming and shouting that Terri was abused by her husband and that supposedly led to her condition? Sorry, no signs of that ever happening.

Also, remember those claims that she was conscious enough to follow objects with her eyes? Apparently that was another impossibility, because her optic nerves were also dead from the brain trauma. That means that she was blind. Also, despite what some of the conservative experts who did not examine her claimed, there was no chance that she could have recovered from this kind of brain damage.

You know, guys, I understand the determination of Terri's family to cling to hope. I don't blame them for wanting a miracle to happen. I wish that could have happened to her. I do. This was not an easy subject to deal with. But all of these other people who basically turned this into a pathetic overblown media circus and were the ones who cranked out all of these false claims of abuse and paraded all of these quacks (i.e.. Senator Frist) in front of the media to give their "expert opinion" should be ashamed of themselves.

And YOU KNOW that they aren't going to apologize over this. YOU KNOW that they aren't going to ask for forgiveness for cranking out those abuse allegations. They're either going to wash their hands clean of the matter and say "oh well, we tried", or they'll refuse to accept the autopsy results. They might even claim that this is all just a conspiracy to cover the matter up. They don't ever want to admit that they were in the wrong!

And you know what? If the autopsy results did say that she was abused, I would have been one of the first people to ask for a grand jury hearing against the husband for possible murder charges. But there was no sign of abuse, no signs of anything other than the fact that she was suffering from osteoporosis from being in that persistent vegetative state. (You know... the condition that all of those pro-life people said that she really wasn't in.)

It's pathetic, it really is pathetic to see the depths that some moralists will sink to in order to get attention. Having seen moralism in action, I'm not surprised by it, but I am thoroughly disgusted by it.

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