Monday, June 13, 2005

Jackson verdict: heads are going to roll!

I feel really sorry for the prosecutors in the Michael Jackson case right now... because they will probably be out of a job real soon.

The so-called "Trial of the Decade" ended with Michael Jackson MOONWALKING after being acquitted on all charges against him.

Now folks, I'm not going to go into whether or not I think he did the things he's accused of. The fact that he looks like a melting reject from Madame Toussant's Wax Museum should be proof enough that this guy is about five beers short of a six-pack. He's got serious issues, and the fact that he has made an obscene amount of money in his life only added to those issues.

That said, the District Attorney's office had TEN opportunities to find SOMETHING to pin on Jackson in this matter, and the fact that he moonwalked out of court instead of being convicted means that the DA's office FAILED to do their jobs! You don't bring charges against someone with that much money and name recognition and then HOPE that you get a conviction. You have to guaran-damn-tee that conviction! You have to bet your job, your law license, and your family's name that you WILL get that conviction.

So right now every person handling the case in the DA's office is working on borrowed time. They had might as well find a new line of work, because it's extremely unlikely they will find work in the private field. In fact, I have a few lines that these folks should try out...

  • "Today's entree is the grilled grouper with Cajun spice and steamed vegetables."
  • "Would you like McFries with your order?"
  • "I'm sorry, but the shake machine is not working today."
  • "Paper or plastic?"
  • "Can I help you find a new car?"
  • "Hi, I'm with the temp service."
  • "What kind of loan can I help you find?"
  • "Ez-Lube Customer Service, how can I help you?"
And of course the ever-popular...

  • "Welcome to Wal-Mart!"

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