Friday, June 10, 2005

Something that makes you say "hmmm...."

Did you notice that the feds managed to bust up an alleged terrorist cell JUST BEFORE Bush Junior started his rant about the Congress extending and expanding the tyrannical PATRIOT Act?

Coincidence? I don't think so.

It's just too damned convenient to suddenly have this major and highly publicised federal bust go down JUST as the President is convincing Congress to give the government even MORE power and take away judicial review of these matters.

And exactly HOW do these "new tools" were used to bust this ring? Nobody wants to talk about that. It sounds more like this suspected "sleeper cell" was outed by good old-fashioned undercover work, and you wouldn't need the PATRIOT Act to do that. You just need people doing their jobs.

Congress needs to let this thug law die, but obviously they won't now because they essentially got "wagged" into it.

Oh, and don't fall into the LIE being spread by Bush and the Bush-supporters about these being "needed tools" for terrorism. The power these guys want will not be "just" used for finding bad guys. They will use it for EVERY case they have. EVERY charge, no matter how slight, will suddenly be treated like a homeland security case. It's already been used to go after a non-terrorist case in Nevada, so don't lie to yourself and say this stuff won't happen!

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