Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year 2005!

It's 2005! (Finally...)

You know what that means, right? Yeah, back to the usual insanity, because the Holiday Season will be officially OVER!

Okay, few things...

First, Brutally Honest will be BACK later this month. The website and column will be given all new stuff on January 16th. I've got a nice rant waiting in the wings too. The online rants will be back on January 19th. I want to work out a few goodies, possibly even explore changing audio formats to try to get as many people as possible to listen in.

Second, I am proud to announce the birth of ANOTHER Brutally Honest Blog... this one is called "Brutally Tech" and it is dedicated to tech-oriented issues. Now I'm not going to have an ongoing commentary on this blog site like I do with Random Thoughts. Instead, this site will have serious tech-oriented articles and issues. And the very first one is about the #1 online pain for 2004: SPYWARE!

By the way, these are going to be all original articles, no rehash from Wired or ZDNet or G4TechTV or anyplace like that, so you will get to know I do more than just rant and rave about politics and social issues.

Third... message to ABC: Yes we know Dick Clark couldn't be there in NYC to ring in the new year! I think that was made pretty apparent, and we don't need a regular reminder of it. And Regis, get with the program! You were two seconds behind the clock! If you're going to fill Dick's seat, at least keep up with the time!

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