Friday, December 03, 2004

Holiday/Year End Schedule

Wow! It's December already! It's scary to know just how fast the year flies.

Well I suppose I should be making the announcements as to when I'll be shutting down the Brutally Honest Command Center for the year... if I don't do it now, I'll probably just arbitrarily shut things down, and then people will complain about it.

So here goes...

The last Brutally Honest Audio Rant for 2004 will be on December 15th. I don't know what I'll have in mind for it yet, but it will probably be short and sweet to tide things over until January.

The final column for 2004 will be out on December 20th. As has been tradition, this will be the 2004 Brutally Honest Awards.

Tenative restart for the website will either be January 17th or 24th of 2005.

However, I WILL keep this blog website active, providing updates and quick thoughts on whatever happens.

So what happens during the downtime? Well besides enjoy the holiday season and take care of the utter insanity that goes on every year at this time in my bill-paying job, I spend the downtime retooling the website and my audio broadcasts. New graphics, new layout, new music... Lots of fun stuff to do. Anyway, it should be real interesting.

Oh, quick link: if you want to get some of the audio clips you hear in my shows, including some holiday stuff, check out the Daily Wav. They put at least 2 clips up per weekday and only ask for a modest voluntary PayPal donation to help keep things running.

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