Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The Face Of The Enemy

You want to know who's been making the biggest bitch about content on TV? You want to know who's responsible for all of these complaints the FCC get about your favorite TV program?

According to the folks at Mediaweek, the enemy has a name: The Parents Television Council.

Sound familliar? It should. Couple of years ago, the PTC went after professional wrestling, declaring it to be "anti-family".

Wrestling promoted Vince McMahon used his legal troubles with the PTC to come up with a new wrestling group called the "Right To Censor" (RTC), which decried all of the antics of professional wrestling.

Well according to the folks at Mediaweek, 99.8% of ALL complaints sent to them are from the PTC!

And remember Jeff Jarvis? He's the blogger who discovered the discrepency in complaints about a Fox TV program, reducing 159 "official" complaints to actually coming from 23 people (and if you cut out the form letters, it goes down to THREE people). Guess which group sent those letters? You guessed it! The PTC! Not only that, but they're wondering what happened to the other "4000"!

Cripes! These people are the original spammers!

Anyway, Fox is now appealing the fine imposed on them, and they're using this information as part of their case to contest the process.

Oh, and Mediaweek gave Jeff some credit for his discovery. Good going Jeff! Keep up the fight!

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