Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Rodney: he got his respect

So I get a phone call this morning from Dr. Vinnie Boom Botz, and he tells me that he needs a new patient. I ask him why, and why did he call me? He tells me that Rodney Dangerfield passed away, and that he needs someone new to insult.

I tell him that I'm fine and that I don't need a doctor. He tells me that I may not need a doctor, but he needs someone to pay for his trip to the Bahamas, and since Rodney can't do it, I'm the next logical choice.

I ask him what's that. He says that while Rodney may have pretended to not get any respect, that I really don't get any respect. He figures that at this rate, I'll be calling him at some point about stress, high blood pressure, a broken heart, and he might as well just make a pre-emptive call now to get the bad part over with.

Boy I tell you, that's the story of my life. No respect. No respect at all, I tell you.

Rodney, on the other hand, was a class act. Sure some of his stuff was sophmoric. Sure his stand-up was old school. But that's why we loved his stuff. Rodney wasn't above making fun of himself to get a laugh, even if it was just a parody of himself.

Rodney, you will be missed.

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