Monday, October 18, 2004

Non-story: NY Times endorses Lurch

So as I understand it, the New York Times has come out to endorse Senator John "Lurch" Kerry this past Sunday.

And this is news???

The NY Times is a liberal newspaper, so OF COURSE they're going to endorse Senator Lurch! That's not news, that's a foregone conclusion! These guys will endorse anything the Democratic machine tells them to endorse. They'd endorse a bowl of jello if it had the party's logo on it!

It would really be news if the Times endorsed anyone BUT Kerry. It would be news if they endorsed independant candidate Ralph Nader. It would be news if they endorsed Libertarian Michael Badnarik. It would even BIGGER news if they endorsed Bush Junior! But they didn't, so the endorsement isn't a news story... it's an afterthought.

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