Monday, September 20, 2004

Breaking news: CBS backs down on memos.

As I'm typing this story, word is coming over the wire services that CBS can no longer vouch for the authenticity of the "Bush memos", which accused then-National Guard Airman George W. Bush of directly refusing an order, and of being pressured to "sugar-coat" Bush Junior's service record.

Of course, Dan Rather did NOT take up my open challenge to put his job on the line. I figured that he wouldn't have the guts to in the first place, because if he did, then he would have to announce his resignation, and that would end his reign of power.

And yet... I'm sorry guys, but Rather still needs to be removed over this flap. He risked the network's credibility over this political fiasco... and yes, it appears to really BE a political fiasco. That eliminates any kind of illusion of impartiality CBS News may have, which they desperately need. That's another blow against the network.

Well while we're waiting for the next spin on this issue... go ahead and check out my column for this week. The latest article is on this subject and how it ties into past articles I've made about the future of the media. Go ahead and read it, then come back here and vent your thoughts.

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