Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Post-ShockNet Era

The Post-ShockNet Era
(Or: What the heck am I going to do now that I don't have a live radio show to give me a sense of purpose?)

ShockNet Radio has now officially gone the way of City of Heroes...

Long live ShockNet Radio!

I spent many years helping RJ and his wife with both my own show and with RJ's. It has literally been a part of my life, a part of who I am. I have identified myself as "media personality for ShockNet Radio" for a few years now instead of as a writer or a comic book creator or an online columnist. This has been my dream job! And now that dream is shut down.

So the question of the hour is "What now?"

Well, for starters, I still have a whole half-year of archives to post. I have been using Ourmedia as my intermediary for the Internet Archive, and Ourmedia has been seriously screwed up since the spring. Since Ourmedia was essential in getting the iTunes link, I lost my iTunes connection as well. And since the folks at Ourmedia show no interest in getting the matter fixed (it's BEEN over six months!), I guess I'll have to come up with my own intermediary link for the Internet Archive so I can finish posting those archived shows that people have missed. This will also serve as the home for the return of the Brutally Honest Rants in late January 2014. 

The only question I have will be will I be using Blogger or Wordpress? Stay tuned.

The Brutally Honest - LIVE Facebook page will (hopefully) stay and has been re-purposed into "Brutally Honest Rants", so those of you that "like" it on Facebook will still have it around for updates.  The SNR logo has been replaced with Get Brutal Productions, but everything else should still be there.

This Monday's Brutally Honest Column will be the annual "Brutally Honest Awards" feature, wrapping up the year looking at the best of the best and the worst of the worst and everything else that I might be able to remember about the year. Then that will be it for the holidays.  But, don't worry, new articles WILL be coming back in the second half of January. (Hey, I've been doing this for seventeen years now.  It's the one thing that I completely control, so why should I stop now?)

That brings us to my OTHER ventures...

First, Battlerock Comics.

"Future's Guardian" #9 will be going online on Sunday, December 1st.  BUT no rest for the weary as I'll be working on FG10 for January 15th.

And in between that I'll be working on ANOTHER venture that will have some eyebrows raised and some pants wetted.  Keep checking the website and you might catch a little "Seasons Greeting" whipped up just for the occasion.

Then there's the NEW venture with RJ and company...


Yes, that American Heathen® Television! We've taken the radio show that kicked off ShockNet Radio back in 2005 and turned it on it's side... took some really nasty pics of it... and will be putting it on Blip.TV starting December 25th! But it's not going to be like the radio show you may (or most likely not) remember. No, we're going for your mind AND your funny bone!

And, yes, I'll be in it... or rather a "version" of me will be in it. Call it David2.1... always in perpetual beta-test mode. You'll see what I mean come December 25th.

So... pretty busy "down time" for me, but that's what I got so far. 

ShockNet Radio is gone, but the spirit lives on.

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