Sunday, September 29, 2013

Brutally Honest - LIVE! - 09/30/13 - Show Notes

It recently occurred to me how much we've changed in the seventeen years that I've been doing Brutally Honest commentary.

When I first got started doing this, the idea of same-sex marriages scared the crap out of the great unwashed... so much so that even the liberal-leaning Clintons were backing a federal ban on it. Today, it's got a tacit Supreme Court nod and a good portion of the states will either recognize them or at the very least not discriminate against them.

Pot legalization?  Are you kidding?  Even the idea of allowing it only for medicinal purposes was considered to be just a pipe dream! Now you have states that are not only doing that, but they are out-and-out legalizing it in small amounts! And the federal government is supposedly giving those states a wide berth. 

Things that were once thought of as out-of-your-mind are becoming okay. So what's next? Will it be... legalized brothels? Hey, I'd be down for that if it's done right!

Meanwhile the cons and neo-cons are throwing fits and tantrums over... well, over everything! They really are getting to be just a bomb and a gun away from full Christian jihadism.

So what I want to know is... what's your take on all this? Where do you stand? Are we ready for the "new and scary"? Or are you trying to find the emergency brake to slam on hard?

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