Sunday, September 22, 2013

Brutally Honest - LIVE! - 09/23/13 - Show Notes

Pope Francis, the new head of the Roman Catholic Church, has REALLY been hitting the headlines, hasn't he?

So far he's castigated Big Corporate for their parasitic predatory philosophy of plunder, he's insisted on living a humble existence, telling priests to give up luxury cars, he's making personal phone calls to the common people...

And now he's saying the Church needs to change its attitude or else it is DOOMED!

Well I happen to think he's right on that front, and that's speaking as one that has not only grown up Catholic, but also graduated from one of the top liberal arts colleges in New England that is run by monks and nuns!

But I want to know what you think about this. I know there are several theists, atheists, Catholics, non-Catholic Christians, and "others" that listen to my show. (Okay, maybe one of each... I don't what to delude myself too much here.) So this is your opportunity to speak up on the subject. Do you agree with Pope Francis? Do you think the Church needs to change to accommodate the shifting demographic and evolving attitudes? Do you think the Catholic Church itself CAN change? Or do you think it's too late for that?

Be sure to tune in THIS MONDAY (09/23), right here on ShockNet Radio at 8pm Eastern (7pm Central and 5pm Pacific) over at and also at Apple's iTunes Radio Player under the "Classic Rock" category.

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When the truth is not enough, it's time for... BRUTALLY HONEST - LIVE!

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