Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Two quick thoughts...

First from Neal Boortz, formerly a libertarian, currently neo-con...

Dirty little secret: Boortz has a handler who does his website. Some of it is his, but the rest is by his handler who speaks for him. The handler usually posts the "Reading Assignments"... or did you REALLY think that Boortz spent that time going through news stories?

So on Monday morning, his handler posts this on his behalf:
Al Qaida is warning us about more attacks on America .. .and that the new attacks will kill even more Americans than 9/11. Oh thank God for Barack Obama! I just know he is the best man to protect us out there.
Now if this came across his desk three years ago the jerk-jerk reaction would be something along the lines of... Now do you understand why we need to fight two wars and kill them over there?

Ladies and Gentlemen... here is the walking, talking, online definition of smarky.

Oh, by the way, I have a prediction for Gen. Stanley McChrystal. I predict that following his departure from the military (be it sooner or later) he will be courted by FoxNews media personalities. He will be lionized, defended, and praised. Sarah Palin may wink at him. Glenn Beck could even honor him by saying McChrystal's departure was part of some master plan whipped up by ACORN, George Soros, and Barack Obama and stick a picture of him on his blackboard.

And then, a few months later, the now-former general would become the newest military consultant for FoxNews. He'll probably get a book deal and speaking tour out of it as well.

Hell of a scam you got there, guys. Hell of a scam indeed.

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Anonymous said...

We can only pray that whoring off your "victimhood" is only done by the female half of the right wing.