Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Special Announcement for AH

We have a special guest this week on the "American Heathen®" program.

Michael Weinstein will be on the air with us during the first hour of our program. He is the founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, an organization dedicated to the restoration of the wall separating church and state when it comes to America's armed forces.

Weinstein is a retired Air Force officer, a former attorney for the Judge Advocate General, a former federal prosecutor, and Assistant General Council to the White House under President Ronald Reagan. His father was a graduate of the US Naval Academy, and his sons are graduates of the Air Force Academy. He has served as both prosecutor and defense council, and he has served as general council to two-time former Presidential candidate H. Ross Perot.

Weinstein's work with the MRFF has caused some evangelicals to not only despise him, but in at least one instance actually advocated (albeit through prayer) for his death. This has led to his latest lawsuit, which will be discussed on the air.

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