Monday, January 19, 2009

Will Junior Do It?


The hour fast approaches....

Will Junior do it?

Will he pardon the people who should never be pardoned?

Will he pardon Scooter? Cheney? Harriet? Rove? Will he pardon the Enron executives? Will he pardon the Abu Graib soldiers? Will he pardon the people at Blackwater? Or the ones at Haliburton?

Or how about Barney? You know that little slipper-muncher actually ATTACKED a reporter!

How about Blago? Will Blago get pardoned? Boy that would be a slap in the face for federal prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, the same guy that successfully prosecuted Scooter.

How about Spitzer? You know, help out a fellow Republican.

Oh, hey, how about those banking and investment officials that are responsible for really hosing the economy?

Or maybe he already pardoned anyone and everyone listed above, including throwing one in for himself, and kept them all a "Homeland Security" secret until after he leaves. Now that's a scary thought, isn't it?

Or how about those two Border cops that got thrown in prison for shooting a Mexican drug smuggler in the ass? You know, Ramos and Campion? The two that Lou Dobbs constantly bitches and cries over.

But, you know, time's a-wasting... can't have Junior sit on it forever. He has until 12noon tomorrow and then he loses that power.


Update: Junior just commuted the sentences of those two border cops, but he didn't flat-out pardon them. It was probably the best compromise, although you know Dobbsy will still be pissed.

Still no word about pardoning Barney.

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