Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"It's ill.."

So I'm watching the new season on "24" on the local Fox affiliate. (Thank you Comcast DVR!) You know, the show that judges and Imperium supporters all cite for their examples of why the Imperium needed unlimited and unquestionable power. So the scene turns to two FBI agents that had one of the former counter-terrorist agents in custody, and one of the agents tells her superior that they need to explore "other methods" of getting information, and her superior tells her that they can't even fathom using those. He starts saying "It's ill..."

And suddenly the scene jumps and the agent throws down her earpiece and leaves in disgust.


Was that accidental? Maybe a video glitch? Or did someone in Fox actually try to cut out the scene where the supervisor said that using torture to get information was... ILLEGAL?

Yeah, when you have judges and politicians and pundits all proclaiming that "24" is the holy grail of their legal justifications, it's a little hard for them to be told that there are certain actions of the government that would actually be AGAINST THE LAW.

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Anonymous said...

And you'd expect something different from Fox the chief defender of the faith? I'm surprised and I wonder what type of news they'll be broadcasting on and after 01/20/09!