Saturday, August 02, 2008

Not extremists huh?

Can't happen to Christians, you say? They're different, you say?

You mean like this guy? And like the people who follow him?

They're still around, folks. They didn't curl up under a rock and disappear. And they'll back any candidate that will do their bidding, just like they did in 2000 and 2004.

Or how about this guy? Remember him? He used to wield power over the House of Representatives before he was indicted for corruption. House Speaker Dennis Hastert was just a seat-warmer to this guy!

Have a listen to what he had to say just a few days ago...

I know that America was created by God and it was created by God, not for wealth, personal wealth. It wasn't created by God so that we would have the resources that we now have. It wasn't even created by God to have the freedom that we have now. America was created by God to spread the Gospel; to spread the word of Jesus Christ and to propagate Christianity. And the reason I know that is because my entire political career is exhibited by that. The Lord walked with me …I came to Christ in the first year in Congress and now I've been walking with the Lord [and] he has trained me and showed me why he created this nation: to spread the Gospel.
That's Tom DeLay, folks.

Can't happen?

Yeah, right!


Anonymous said...

To me the scariest part is how the followers themselves can just laugh at the stuff they spew out like that skeleton woman chuckling at her own anti-semitism.

Katie and Da Katz said...

John Hagee and Rick Warren are in the same "worship me" boat... (Sorry guys, you are not God's gift to mankind. Jesus already has that title.)

Anything that erroneously spews out of their mouths has a foul stench to it...

Folks who have their smellers turned off are standing in a pile of these so-called leader's cow patties and don't even know it.

No wonder Revelation talks about God spewing folks out of his mouth.

There is another evangelist (I can't recall his name) who actually condones hitting people in the face as some kind of new "laying on of hands" for prayer and healing. And people just blindly follow him over the cliff with rest of the lemmings.

I try not to laugh at Hagee's and Warren's arrogant antics due to all the souls being mislead by these men. Please see Ezekiel 34.

I'm done now. Back to my normal blogging tongue and cheekyness.

Life's too short to be a lemming.