Friday, August 08, 2008

Brutally Honest on ShockNet - 08/09/08 Show Notes

After weeks and weeks of trashing his campaign and speaking in defense of his opponent, I decided to give a certain wrinkly white-haired old guy named McCain some tips on how to better run his campaign so that he could quite possibly WIN in November.

Mind you, I'm not doing this as any kind of endorsement... but rather to try to keep it from degrading into the kind of election that turns people AWAY from the polls. I'm doing it to knock off the political horse dung!

Oh and how about that wrinkly white-haired old guy's opponent? Well being the equal-opportunity offender that I am, I gave him the same kind of attention that I've been giving the old coot.

See? I'm more "fair and balanced" than that certain news channel!

Plus, a find out who gets "the big dump" award, and how about some things that separate the men from the women? Yeah, I got that too...

All of that is THIS SATURDAY from 7-8pm Eastern time on ShockNet Radio, and simulcast on Freethought Radio and Apple's iTunes radio player under both the "Talk/Spoken Word" and "Classic Rock" categories.

Brutally Honest... The new heresy begins here!

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