Friday, April 18, 2008

Brutally Honest on ShockNet - 04/19/08 Show Notes

This week we look at the BITTER truth about life in certain parts of the United States. You can probably guess which part of the country I'm talking about and WHY I'm bringing this subject up, but what do I have to say about it? I think you'll be surprised.

PLUS: Gas prices suck! Airline travel sucks! We know this! So what needs to be done that hasn't been done yet? If you don't know, you will when you hear my comments on them.

And the Pope's in the USA! Why am I not impressed by what he has to say about a certain little "problem"? Find out!

All this and some news on ShockNet programming coming up this SATURDAY at 7pm Eastern on ShockNet Radio and simulcast on Freethought Radio!

And don't forget to come back here afterwards and leave your thoughts in the comments. I also have an online poll going that I want your input on over in the right-hand column.

It's time to get Brutally Honest... AGAIN!

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