Monday, April 07, 2008

A BETTER alternative

Well if you're looking at the presidential race and asking yourself if there's anyone else...

I'm still iffy on him on some issues. He was one of the original Republican Revolution politicians back when he was a solid conservative, and the GOP pledged to sanitize the Internet "for the sake of the children" as part of their Contract With America program. (Yes, I have the original version!) Yes he's now a libertarian. Yes he speaks strongly about freedom and he IS a member of the ACLU, but would he still support outlawing Playboy from the Internet?

Fighting online censorship is my pet project, along with fighting moralism, so I'm curious to see if the former Congressman would treat the freedom of speech like the National Rifle Association treats the Second Amendment.

By the way, he was my neighbor for a few months when I lived in Cobb County (aka "The Fallujah of Georgia") and he was just running for Congress.

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