Monday, December 31, 2007

One more quickie thought for 2007

I got one more quickie thought for 07...

Why the hell does the Mainstream Media (dreaded MSM) think that post-Christmas sales are so frigging HOT? Seriously! Why?

Did any of them even BOTHER to do any kind of post-Christmas shopping? Every time I do, the stores don't have anything that I want! All I find are the useless stuff that nobody wants to buy that the stores are desperate to get rid of.

Look, if you want me to shop after Christmas for anything other than food, then GIVE ME STUFF I'M WILLING TO BUY!

How hard is that, huh?

One more thing... for those of you who missed out on "THE BIG NEWS" these past two weeks, I'll be letting everyone know on 1/1 here on this blog site. So be patient, have another drink, and enjoy the end of 2007.

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