Sunday, December 30, 2007

Just some really quick thoughts...

News reports are saying that Atlanta should breath a sigh of relief because all of the rain we're getting means we're not suffering the "worst drought EVER".

As if the water problem would be going away! Guess what jerkoffs: the water's STILL getting bled from Lake Lanier! We STILL have a SERIOUS water issue on our hands! That didn't go away just because we got a couple of inches of rain! We need to get this kind of rain for a month straight before we can consider ourselves out of the woods.

Just wondering here... if bloggers are TRULY in support of the writer's strike in Hollywood, why are they still blogging? Seriously. Why? If you really want to show your support for the striking writers all you have to do is stop blogging. If anyone asks just tell them you're showing your support. It's sort of like the fraudulent "gas-out" campaigns. You say you're pissed about the price of gasoline but you'll still keep driving. That's not support. That's hypocrisy.

Speaking of the writer's strike... have you noticed the TIMING of it all? The writer's strike is happening during the dreaded "long hiatus", when shows normally take a break from everything from November to February. It's like when the players unions for professional sports go on strike at the END of the season, AFTER the players make the bulk of their money.

Oh, one more thing on this... I will say that the Writer's Strike will probably be doing me a lot of good... because now I get to watch more movies on DVD and play City of Heroes! Plus it gives my video recorders a break for a while!

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