Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Quick election thoughts...

So the 2004 Election Day is HERE! And I have a few quick thoughts...

  • First, yes I DID VOTE! I showed up at 6:45am at the polling place and waited an hour in the morning drizzle to make it inside. Should have brought a book. (I'm currently reading "The Art of War", in case anyone is wondering.) Traffic around the area was a mess!

  • Contrary to some of the video jokes, the Diebold machines did NOT play games with my ballot. I've been using electronic voting for several elections now, and I really don't see any problems with it. If anything, it's made voting easier and faster. I was done and back on the road by 8am. Only a 75-minute wait.

  • If you haven't heard my election rant, please do so now! No, not because I'll be uploading the new rant tomorrow, but because it's important stuff!

  • Watching the number of SUVs parked in drainage ditches made me realize that it was probably the most extreme situation that any of those drivers would EVER need an SUV! Meanwhile there was ample parking in the parking lot behind the polling place! (I should know, that's where I parked my car.)

  • Osama bin PigBastard's speech: I was waiting for Bush Junior to say three little words that would have probably clinched his re-election. All he had to do was look straight at the camera and say "Dead Terrorist Hiding!" Guaranteed it would secure at least two more states. But, of course, he didn't. We need to stop pussyfooting around with trying to capture Osama.

  • A good friend forward to me a link showing Bush Junior's "one-finger victory message". I thought it was a joke or something. Sure enough, it was for real. It was one of those "off-air" moments like Reagan's infamous "outlaw Russia" message.

  • Prediction: I could see the election going in either direction. But like I said in my show, no matter which way it turns out, America is SCREWED! It's just a matter of whether we'll be screwed over by socialists or theocrats. At least the socialists won't try to claim that they're there because GOD told them to take over!

  • Some people are speculating that rain will dampen the spirits of Democrats, thus allowing Bush Junior to win in those areas... because we all know that Republicans are just mind-nummbed robots doing whatever their leaders (Limbaugh, Hannity, Rove, Falwell, Robertson) tell them to do, no matter what the weather is like. How quickly they forget those days when the Dems would show up at nursing homes with busses. Besides, I think this election season has become too caustic to let a little rain spoil the election mood.

  • The tenative title for this week's Brutally Honest Rant is "Aftermath 2004". Right now I'm working on notes for whomever will lose and why they lost.

  • From the folks at the First Amendment Center:
    ''Election coverage without results is like pornography without nudity.''
    - Tom Shales television critic, The Washington Post, 2002

  • The latest from Whazituya News: CBS News has now officially confirmed that the winner of the 2000 Election in Florida is... George W. Bush. Come back in 4 years to find out who won in 2004.*
    *Whazituya News: When news breaks, you buy it.

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