Friday, November 05, 2004

No sympathy for Arafat

So Yasir Arafat is on death's door, huh?

Sorry, but I really don't have too much sympathy for him. This man has been the instigator of so much death and destruction, so much hate and venom, so much anti-Semitism, that the only thing that I can think of about his eminent passing is that he's getting off easy. He should shuffle off this mortal coil in the same way that his victims had to.... C4, bullets, shrapnel...

Of course maybe the reason why he's clinging to life is because he knows once he exits from this world that the next won't be filled with clear white rasins and virgins.

Oh, and forget trying to bury him in Jerusalem.

Update: 11/11/04 - Arafat died last night. The PLO already has a new leader. They didn't even wait for his body to get cold before putting another person in charge.

They will not be burying him in Jerusalem, although I'm sure the Palestinians will try multiple times to move his body there.

There has been more than one occasion where the Palestininans were actually offered their own country. The UN even proposed creating one just for them. Guess who blocked such ideas? That's right, Arafat did! Yeah, what a visionary this guy was! What a great leader for the cause! The Palestinians could have already been enjoying their own country right now if not for their "great leader" pissing it away.

THAT is Arafat's true legacy!

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