Friday, November 12, 2004

Quick EEEEVIL thought...

Looking and listening to the chaos surrounding the arrival of Yasir Arafat's corpse in the West Bank brought out an interesting and EEEEEEEVIL thought.

If the Israelis were such the hell-spawed devils that the Arabs and scroll-thumpers make them out to be, then they would use this opportunity to cull the ranks of the Palestinians by a few thousand with one-felled military strike. You're seeing an INCREDIBLE concentration of Palestinians, including active or potentially active terrorists. These are people who pray for and act towards the extermination of Israel and every Israeli on the face of the planet. Some hellfire missiles and some napalm could easily cripple the Palestinian cause. Of course that is IF the Israeilis were the evil malicious murderers that the Arab world wants people to believe.

Just a quick EEEEEEVIL thought... nothing more.

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