Monday, April 29, 2013

Brutally Honest - LIVE! - 04/29/13 The Show That Did Not Happen

To the listeners of Brutally Honest - LIVE,

Imagine spending hours on in preparing for a hour-long live show.  Working on a subject for people to discuss, coming up with timely subjects to rant about, setting up for the production in advance with sound effects, going through the audio tests to make sure the listening audience got the best the show could offer.

Now imagine taking all of that hard work, all of that creative effort, all of the time spent developing the show for that week, and throwing it all down the toilet fifteen minutes before showtime.

THAT is what happened to this week's program.  All of the hard work was destroyed fifteen minutes before showtime due to our service provider shutting down Internet access for the whole region for over two hours.

This is an Internet-based broadcast, and as such we are dependent on our service provider.  When they decide to screw with their paid subscribers, there is no alternative but to cancel the show for the night.

We do want to apologize for the sudden cancellation.  Even though it was not something we could control, we still want to apologize... because the provider probably won't.  They are Too Big To Apologize.  So we have to apologize... because you deserve it.

We're sorry that you had to miss out on what was hoped to be a stellar broadcast.  We're sorry for those of you who were looking forward to hearing our show and only hearing music.  We're sorry for those of you who logged into the chat room and wanted to take part in the conversation and maybe even hear your comments read on the air.  We're sorry for those of you who were eager to call in through our toll free 800 number looking to share your thoughts on the air.  We're sorry for those of you who had never heard our show and wanted to hear it for the first time and instead got nothing but classic rock.  We're sorry that this is the only discussion show for a whole week for ShockNet Radio.  We're sorry that you have to wait a whole week for the "classic talk" half of our station.

One of the pitfalls of doing this kind of show is that there is a shelf-life for some of the subjects discussed.  So we can't just take tonight's material and move it to next week.  Things happen.  Situations change.  Such is the nature of this kind of program.  We can't guarantee that the hours we put into this show will be transferred to next week's show.  You will just have to check back here this coming weekend to find out how much will be brought over.

So tomorrow we will post the archive to last week's show and make a note that there was no show this week due to circumstances beyond our control.  And tonight we will abandon our fantasy of finding the people responsible for this outage and putting their heads on pikes, knowing that such a dream will never come true, nor will it compensate for the hours of time and energy and effort wasted.  We can only say we are sorry for what happened and move forward.


The cast and crew of Brutally Honest - LIVE

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