Friday, November 02, 2012

Quick word on external links

I just want to get this in quickly about external links posted either in this blog or other blog sites I manage (including the Brutally Honest column blog).

Unless the external link is to a website that I control, I have no control over the content in that link.  I do not have the means to personally manage every external link to every article or column I post to verify that the content at the address is still active.  I cannot guarantee that the link is active or if it has been changed, deleted, or relocated.

I also will not change a link to one that you would "suggest".  I provide links as one would provide footnotes, to show where that information was when I worked on that article or column.  If that link is no longer active and I deem the information important, then *I* will try to re-acquire the link to that information myself and make the necessary corrections.

Also, please do not send "follow-up" requests for links that you "suggest" to be changed.  I will treat such messages as Spam.  I appreciate the enthusiasm of some to make suggestions, but ultimately these are my words, and, as such, they have to come from me.

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