Monday, April 23, 2012

Just a random thought...

This is just me rambling off right now, but I am NOT a fan of Blogger's attempt to "update" the services.

This is all part of Google's master assimilation plan to get Gmail and Blogger and YouTube all the other online ducks lined in a row for them, and quite frankly, IT SUCKS.

I've tried the "updated Blogger interface" when it came to posting things, and I hate it. For starters, all of the HTML that I do - and bear in mind I've been doing this for over sixteen years now - IS SCRAPPED in the new interface. Original HTML had normal paragraph breaks. You didn't have to hit enter a second time. Here, you have to.

It's bad enough that Microsoft DEMANDS that I incorporate a ton of needless code when I put the article together as part of their Word programs. It's worse when Google then takes the code I already have and scraps it for their own.

Come on guys, do I REALLY have to move everything else to Wordpress?

I don't mind the new Gmail interface other the fact that it's BLAND. Even when you put so-called "themes" into it, it's BLAND.

And YouTube? You know, I put a lot of time and effort into designing those channels that you just TRASHED so you can have your shopping receipt-style list. How about I go into YOUR house and rearrange all YOUR belongings? Think that would be "helpful"?

I wouldn't mind so much if there was the OPTION to update, but much like so many corporate entities, Google pompously believes THEY know what's right for all of us, and they don't CARE if things WORK, only that they incorporate some executive's demented vision of what looks nice.

Okay, enough rambling... back to working on a radio show.

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