Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Quick Thoughts - Obama Picks and Taxes

Since I won't have a show this weekend (RJ's doing some software upgrades to the station), I thought I'd drop a few quick thoughts in during the week.

Here's a good one...

Is it too much to have Obama pick people that DO NOT have a problem paying taxes? Seriously. This is becoming as bad as the Clinton nanny problems.

It's bad enough that we have to deal with Tom Daschile (aka Tom DasHOLE) again, but to do it knowing that he made a serious FUBAR with reporting taxes and then wants to beg Washington for forgiveness? No. That's not acceptable.

This is not looking good for Team Obama. Rahm Emanuel needs to get his act together and stop thinking inside the beltway or else someone needs to show him the door.

UPDATE!!! Apparently I wasn't the only one who thinks that this was just too much to swallow. Daschile has withdrawn his nomination. So did the person selected to be Obama's "Performance Czar". Too bad that she didn't start her job by taking herself out of the running sooner.

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