Thursday, March 31, 2005

Terri: It's finally over.

As I'm typing this, the word is getting out that Terri Schiavo has finally been freed from her fifteen years of living as a vegetable. She's gone to someplace better.

I'm not cheering about the fact that she's gone. It's sad. It's sad that she had to go out that way while numerous convicted criminals were taken out quickly and "humanely".

It's also pathetic to have so many people interject themsevles into this case and putting on circus acts in front of the media. It's pathetic to see politicians prostrate themselves on this issue and abuse their power so they can curry favor with these amateur circus performers.

And by "circus performers" I mean there were people who were dressed up in costumes, who carried big comical signs like the woman who carried around the oversized spoon that said "Please Feed Terri", and even people who performed juggling acts. I'm serious folks! Apparently some folks thought they were trying out for "Let's Make A Deal".

Some folks are suggesting that the media should be ashamed of themselves... but that will never happen. The media should have been ashamed of Dan Rather's "Memogate" fiasco, but they weren't. If they don't care about their own integrity, then nothing will ever shame them.

Credit should go to President Bush and Governor Bush for not succumbing to the wailing demands of the circus performers to use force to get their way. (See my earlier post on this matter.) Thankfully they recognized their limited authority, although Jeb-boy ALMOST went through with it, and would have gotten away with it if the local police weren't determined to do their jobs. Pity they didn't recognize this when they abused their respective positions the first time around by trying to pass unconstitutional laws. (Or did you think that people like me would forget that?)

Thankfully, Terri did not have to go through the BS that her family members were giving about her condition and about how they wanted to take her to Washington and to go shopping at the mall. The parts of her brain that were damaged, the parts that made her who she was and not just life support, were jelly. But the rest of us weren't so fortunate. We had to put up with people who wanted us to believe that Terri was just fine and dandy.

Thankfully, Terri has finally let go. She will not have to put up with the wailing and moaning and teeth-gnashing and the fist-shaking that the circus performers will be putting on for months to come. She will not have to deal with the jihad that will be waged by these clown acts, desperately trying to regain some perceived loss of power and feelings of inadequacy because they were unable to keep her plugged into the feeding tube so her body can be kept alive indefinitely even though most of her brain was jelly.

Thankfully, Terri was let go from this hell. Unfortunately for us, we still have to deal with it.

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